If you have any shooting-sports items of interest to members of the Southwest Louisiana Rifle and Pistol Club that you would like to buy sell or trade, send an email to Please include a complete description and contact information. You can also include a picture and it will be posted along with the description. It would be helpful if you also include the price you're asking for sale items. 02/13/2013

DISCLAIMER: This bulletin board is provided for the benefit of our members who wish to conduct private sales of legal shooting-related items. By using this page, sellers and purchasers agree to abide by all Federal, State and Local laws. The Southwest Louisiana Rifle and Pistol club accepts no responsibility for items posted on this site. 02/13/2013 

      Seecamp .32 pistol- $300 w/holster

      Carpati M74 .32acp pistol, a communist Romanian copy of a Feg 63, resembles Walther PPK- $200

      Walther TPH stainless .22 pistol w/4mags $500

      NAA .22 mini-revolver-$200

      Contact Robin Williams 477-6329 or  for items listed.      

  • Members, if you post anything on this site, please contact me when the item has been sold or traded. Jay Madison     337-802 -3550 . Thanks.
  • .44mag ammo, approx 15 boxes . $30/box for assorted Fed,/Win/Rem/Magtec. etc
  • .32 acp ammo, approx 19 boxes, $ 25/box, 9 boxes are FMJ, 10 Boxes are Win. Silvertip  Robin Williams 477-6329.  

  • 1 Lyman 49th edition Reloading Manual. New, still in plastic wrap. $20.00 Contact Phillip Aucoin at 337-842-7992 

      or Text if possible. Please note that the correct # is 337-842-7994.

  • Unsorted brass for sale. You can sort if you wish. Calibers include 308, 300 Savage, 300 Mag, 270, 30-06, 30-30 &

  • 7x61 Sharp & Hart. $2.00 /lb. Contact Stan Francis 337-540-5723.



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