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SW Louisiana Rifle and Pistol Club New Member Safety Orientation (Revised May 2016)

New members must read the Range Rules book thoroughly to familiarize themselves with the general layout and general rules of the Ranges. In addition, all new members must attend a safety orientation at the end of their first meeting, and receive a walk-around orientation at the Range from a qualified sponsor member to review all the provisions of the Range Rules book, with special emphasis on Range safety rules.

The purpose of this checklist is to document that the safety rules have been reviewed and explained. First, the prospective member must read the entire rule-book prior to the walk-around orientation that will be conducted by his/her sponsor. It is the responsibility of the sponsoring member to conduct the walk-around orientation of the entire range while reviewing the range rule-book, general safety rules and explaining the proper use of the individual ranges.  The checklist below is provided as a guideline for the walk-around orientation, but is not all-inclusive.

At the completion of the walk-around orientation, the prospective member must complete the quiz on the back of the Safety Checklist issued at the first meeting. Both the sponsoring member and the prospective member must sign the Safety Checklist. The prospective member must bring the checklist to the second meeting and turn it in to the Secretary.

All members are held responsible to know and follow all range rules. Violation of range and safety rules can be cause for termination of membership.

CHECKLIST (Mark through each number as the rule is reviewed)

  • 1.      Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.
  • 2.      Keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot
  • 3.      Keep the gun unloaded and open until ready to use.
  • 4.      Be sure the gun is in a safe operating condition
  • 5.      Eye and ear protection is required for all shooters and spectators on all ranges.
  • 6.      Use of alcohol or drugs is prohibited on range property.
  • 7.      Members must accompany and supervise guests and insure that they follow all range safety rules.
  • 8.      Full automatic firearms are prohibited, even if legally owned.
  • 9.      Glass bottles, cans, “Do-All Traps” bouncing ground targets, Tanerite, exploding targets, etc. are not approved targets.
  • 10.  All shots must be aimed so that they impact the earthen backstops.
  • 11.  Firearms must not be handled while anyone is downrange.
  • 12.  Never proceed downrange until communication has taken place and it is safe to do so.
  • 13.  Treat misfires as hang-fires and keep the gun pointed downrange for 30 seconds before opening.
  • 14.  Check the bore for blockage on any squib or weak report shot.
  • 15.  Insure that no unfired, live ammo ends up on the ground or in the trash barrels. Use yellow containers for safe disposal of bad ammo or misfires.
  • 16.  Use common sense in any shooting situations not covered by a specific rule. Better safe than sorry.
  • 17.  Don't set up a portable target frame in line with anything that will be damaged downrange.
  • 18.  Locked plate racks are for the Action Pistol Shooting group.
  • 19.  The Moving Target Range, Falling Plate Range, Bullseye Range and Barricade Range are not to be used for any shooting except shooting of those specific disciplines. No general shooting on these ranges.
  • 20.  Always communicate verbally with other shooters about any activity on the range involving safety. Assume nothing! Always confirm cease-fires. Please report any unsafe conditions or behavior to an Officer.

This safety checklist is not all-inclusive. Read and review the Range Rules for more information.

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