A Step by Step Guide to Joining the

Southwest Louisiana Rifle and Pistol Club, Inc.

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  1. The Club has a limited number of memberships available for recreational shooters of good character.  If you would like to apply for membership, your first requirement is to seek the sponsorship of a current member. Your sponsor is responsible for vouching for your good character and giving you a thorough on-site safety orientation at the Range during the application process.
  2. Print an Application for Membership from the website at www.swlarifleandpistol.club and read the Range Rules.  Bring your completed Application to your first meeting with your sponsor.
  3. At your first meeting, you will turn in your Application, address the members of the Club with your reasons for wanting to join, receive a copy of the Range Rules, receive a copy of the Range Safety Orientation Checklist, and verify your NRA membership with the Treasurer.  Do not pay at this time.
  4. After the first Meeting, you will meet with a Range Officer who will review the most important safety rules with you.
  5. After the first meeting at which you applied and before attending a second meeting to be considered for membership, you and your sponsor will visit and tour the entire Range, reviewing all safety rules and completing the safety items on the Range Safety Orientation checklist.  Bring this important Checklist with you to your second meeting and turn it in to the Secretary.
  6. At the second meeting, if everything is in order, the members present will vote to approve your membership.  At that time, you will pay the $55 Initiation Fee, pay for or verify your NRA membership, and pay a pro-rated portion of the $110 annual dues. You will receive a receipt. You will receive a membership card which you must have with you at the Range. Safeguard the Gate combination. Do not give the combination to anyone. The membership year is June to June.  Your first year of membership will cost you the pro-rated amount of the $110 annual membership fee to pay you up until the next June and the $55 initiation fee. After your first partial year of membership, your annual dues will always be due in May.  PAY IN MAY. If you have not paid your annual membership amount by June 30 each year, you will be dropped from the membership rolls and have to apply, be sponsored, and be processed as a new member to rejoin. Annual dues for established members is $110 plus an annual $10 New Range Assessment for a total of $120.
  7. 7.      You are now a member.  Review the Range Rule Book again to be sure you know how to use the Range safely.  Study the website so you know where the schedule, rules, by-laws, and other important information is located. If in doubt about a rule or the safety of any activity, don’t. Don’t assume anything. Call a Range Officer for help.  Unsafe behavior or misconduct will be cause for expulsion from the Club.



Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 5655, Lake Charles, LA 70605

Range Address for use with GPS:

5720 Old Camp Road, Bell City, Louisiana 

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