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Notices and Alerts

Click here for printable Online Renewal Tutorial: Online Renewal Tutorial.pdf

If you need a password, text George at 337-304-1920 and you will be emailed a computer-generated password.

George will be accepting last minute renewals at the Club's Table at the Gun Show on Saturday ONLY!

The Southwest Louisiana Rifle and Pistol Club will hold its monthly meetings the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m.   

Next Club Meeting will be on 6/4/2024 in the Board Room

at Westlake Recreation Center

1221 Samson Street, Westlake, LA

Note that this is a government building so open and concealed carry is probably not allowed. No firearms may be brought to this meeting site for sale or trade. This is not legal advice. It is your responsibility to know and obey all applicable laws.

Thank you. President Jim Ely

May & June Range Schedule

5/25/24- Steel Match- Only New Bay Closed

6/2-3/24- Rifle- LA Gulf Coast Regional VFS- New Bay Closed, Handgun Side Open

6/8/24- Bullseye- Handgun Side Closed, New Bay and Rifle Open

6/15/24 – Action Pistol – New Bay, Rifle Open

6/22/24- Steel Match- Only New Bay Closed

6/23/24 – Rifle – New Bay Closed, Handgun Side Open

Always check the schedule before you plan a Range trip to be sure the portion of the Range you want to use is open.  Thanks.


Important Notice Concerning Renewal

Club dues

Annual Club dues run from June 1 through May 31, and are  $132 per year. The New Range / Self Insurance Fund assessment is $20. This makes the total renewal fees $152. Dues are pro-rated depending upon the number of months remaining in our fiscal year.

 NRA Membership Requirement

Required NRA annual membership is to run concurrently or surpass with the Annual Club membership separately according to when you join, pay, and renew with the NRA. NRA membership can be paid and obtain thought the SWLR&PC



The Club pays a contractor to mow the Range about once a month  If you are at the Range when the tractor/bush-hog rig shows up to mow, or he is there mowing when you arrive to shoot anything anywhere on any Range, please remember mowing takes priority over any shooting activities. Please yield to him for safety's sake so he can finish mowing safely without delay.  Take no chances.  Don't assume anything.  Make contact with him and get a clear understanding of where he is mowing and where he needs to go next to finish. Send no shot downrange unless you are positive of the location and planned activity of the mowing tractor so that it will be safe.

  •  SAFETY ALERT! All members are reminded to address targets straight on and to ensure that all projectiles IMPACT AN EARTHEN BERM! DO NOT fire at angles to the firing line!

  • SAFETY ALERT! “Do-All Traps” ground bouncing targets, such as the ‘Dancing Ball”, “Hot Box”, “Gun Ball” and “Top Hat” are NOT APPROVED for use on our range. Please report any observed use of these targets to a club officer.

  • SAFETY ALERT! EXPLODING TARGETS, SUCH AS SEEN ON TV, ARE NOT APPROVED TARGETS FOR OUR RANGE! Please report any observed use of these targets to a club officer.
  • SAFETY ALERT! Please do not put live rounds into the burn barrels! Place in yellow containers located at several places under each shed. Also, please don’t leave live rounds on the ground where they can be hit and set off by the mower.
  • SAFETY ALERT: No binary triggers are allowed on our range.

Blocked and Rejected Emails:  The Club is now sending the Newsletter and other important emails using our Membership Management software.


If you have not received the newsletter recently, your email address on file is either incorrect or is being rejected for some reason.





Convenient NRA Membership Information Link 

If you need to change some of your information in your NRA Membership Information, check on your expiration date or need to print a new card, there is a convenient way to do this. (When I did it, I found the NRA still listed my area code as "318", which has not been our area code in Lake Charles in a long time.) If you wish to check your information on file with the NRA, you may go to NRA Member Services and register to view, edit or print a new card or other details of your membership.




Description of the Membership Management Software and Website


The Club uses Wild Apricot, which is web-based software that automates and simplifies the management of our membership and our website. With Wild Apricot, the Club now has the ability to create "member-only" pages. The software uses your email address as your user name, so in order to have access to the "member-only" features, you must have a user name and password.

Most pages are public and you can view all public pages without logging in, however, if you wish to update any information in your profile, or access any other member only features, you will need to log in using your email address and password. This will allow you to view "members only" pages. At the moment, the only page that is designated as member only is the member profile page, where you can change your address and update your NRA membership information. In the future we may offer the ability to renew both your Club membership and your NRA membership through the site, but we are taking baby steps initially.

If you do not have a password and wish to access member-only pages, please contact the Secretary Jay Madison and request a password. You will then receive an email regarding establishing a password.


Once you have created a password, please sign in and check your member profile for accuracy and completeness, especially your NRA number and expiration date.






Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 5655, Lake Charles, LA 70605

Range Address for use with GPS:

5720 Old Camp Road, Bell City, Louisiana 

Powered by Wild Apricot Membership Software