Protecting Our Club – Your Duties as a Member

  • We depend on our current members to insure that future members are safe shooters and good citizens.  Sponsor only those new members whom you believe will be responsible, and safety conscious; people you won’t mind being beside you on the firing line.

  • Take your duty to orient a new member seriously.  If you are rusty on the rules, study up and prepare for your Range Safety Orientation session with the new member you are sponsoring.  Cover every section of the Range.  Our sport is hazardous.  It’s only dangerous when people don’t know the rules or don’t follow them.  Make sure the new member you sponsor KNOWS the safety rules.  You don’t want to have to check your conscience if a new member is hurt or dangerous because you did a sloppy job on their safety orientation.

  • Bringing a guest to the Range is a big responsibility.  Bringing a guest to get them off your back or repay a favor and not being prepared to watch them closely for safety’s sake is more than wrong- it could be deadly.  You may have to learn to say no.  At the least, you may have to postpone any shooting of your own so you can watch over them.

  • Don’t be afraid to tell someone that they need to put on their safety glasses and hearing protection.  If someone is doing something dangerous, take the time and the initiative to talk to them.  Nobody wants to be the nagger or tattle-tale, but safety is more important than hurt feelings. 

  • Report unsafe acts and conditions.  Don’t assume someone else will do it.  Nothing good will come from a bad incident swept under the rug because someone didn’t want to get involved.


Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 5655, Lake Charles, LA 70605

Range Address for use with GPS:

5720 Old Camp Road, Bell City, Louisiana 

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