Bullseye Pistol Competition

Bullseye is the more commonly used name for NRA Outdoor Pistol Competition.


It is traditional one-handed timed-fire pistol competition shot from 25 and 50 yards, using Rimfire pistols, Centerfire pistols and .45 Caliber pistols. Monthly NRA Approved Competitions are held on the second Saturday of each month March through May, then September and November. In June, we host a two-day NRA-Registered Regional Championship on the second weekend. In October, we host a two-day NRA Registered Louisiana State Championship on the first weekend. Please see the Range and Events Schedule for more information.http://competitions.nra.org/


May 14 ..... Monthly Bullseye Match 9:00 to about 3:00 

Link to NRA Competitions Webpage:  http://competitions.nra.org/

2022 Conventional Pistol Regional Championship

June 4 & 5

Printable Programs and Entry Form

 2022 Pistol Regional_final.pdf

2022 pistol leg match_final.pdf

Entry form 2022 Regional.pdf

2022 Louisiana State Conventional Pistol Championship 

Oct 1 & 2


Contact John Texada at 337-477-5277 for details 


2022 Monthly Conventional Pistol Match Dates

 May 14, Sept 12 Nov 12


Contact John Texada at 337-477-5277 for details 

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 518, Lake Charles, LA 70602

Range Address for use with GPS:

5720 Old Camp Road, Bell City, Louisiana 

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